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(re)FIND Health Events

Kelly Brogan, MD
Live in London for Two Days
- Practitioners and the General Public Welcome
- 5 CPD Hours Available for Each Day

Event Ended • London, UK

Dr. Kelly Brogan will be in London to talk about her science-based and holistic approach to treating depression. She shatters the mythology conventional medicine has built around the causes and treatment of depression. Based on her expert interpretation of published studies, combined with years of clinical experience, Dr. Brogan illuminates the true cause of depression—and inflammation is at the root.

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Kickstart Your Health
A Talk with Mark Hyman, MD • 5 CPD Hours

Event Ended • London, UK

Kick start your health with ten time New York Times bestselling author Mark Hyman, MD (including Eat Fat, Get Thin, The Blood Sugar Solution, and The Blood Sugar Solution 10 Day Detox.) He will guide you, step-by-step through his revolutionary program, The 10 Day Detox and Eat Fat, Get Thin and show you how to use food as medicine to change your health for good. Get inspired with this introduction to Functional Medicine and leave with the power to take your health into your own hands.

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Like-Minded Thinkers

There are many differences between medicine and teaching, but they have much in common. Both involve craft and personal expertise, learned through experience; but both can be informed by the experience of others.

Ben Goldacre

Physician & Science Writer

In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry.

Mark Hyman, MD

The Institute for Functional Medicine

If you’re concerned about your health, you should probably avoid products that make health claims. Why? Because a health claim on a food product is a strong indication it’s not really food, and food is what you want to eat.

Michael Pollan

Author, Journalist & Activist