Never before have we known as much about human health and disease as we do now. And never before have we been as sick. Despite huge investment in research and medicine, and national and global initiatives aimed at improving health, we are still faced with an ever-increasing burden of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s. Importantly, prevention and reversal of these diseases is not only possible, it may often be simpler than we think. However, the constant need for a single answer, or a quick fix, is holding us back from finding the individual changes we need to make in order to achieve or to "Re-Find" health.

We believe that the key to optimal disease treatment and prevention lies at the intersection of Ancestral Health and Functional Medicine. In this context, Ancestral Health could mean anything from the clues we find within ancient and previously healthy civilisations, to looking at how our own grandparents lived and thrived. In a few short generations, we have dramatically changed the environment around us with health consequences that we can see everywhere we look.

We don’t sleep enough, we sit too much, and we have forgotten how to move. We eat nutritionally sparse comfort food, which gives few useful micronutrients, and provides the perfect combination of fat and carbohydrate to promote fat storage. We don’t spend enough time with friends and family. We have swapped short-term stresses (like being sick or being hunted) for a long-term worry about things we probably can’t do much about, and which our hormones aren’t built to support.

In reality, huge improvements can be made by simply doing all the things that we’ve stopped doing:

Eat Real Food.

Sleep Enough.

Move More.

Lift, Walk, Sprint.

Reduce Chronic Stress.

Meditate. Do yoga. Nap. Spend time outdoors.

Be Uncomfortable Sometimes.

Being Cold and Hungry is OK.

Be Social.

Put down the iPhone. Have fun with friends and family. Have Sex.

Whether as a community or an individual, there is a huge wealth of evidence and knowledge that we can use to help ourselves Re-Find Health. But this can become confusing, as the necessary approach will change based on our current medical issues, or what our mother ate during pregnancy, or whether our immediate ancestors were raised near the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, or the forests of Northern Europe. This is where Functional Medicine can help us take general recommendations and tweak them for the individual. Using the latest biochemical and genetic testing, it’s now possible to identify the specific needs of the individual and tailor treatment accordingly.

Our goal is to find, simplify, and disseminate the information that people can directly apply in their own pursuit of wellbeing and disease management. Our goal is to help you Re-Find Your Health.