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If you manage a business that that aligns itself with the same principles as Re-Find Health and would like to partner with us, connect with us and we'll put together a few options for you. Between our global network of healthcare professionals and over 225,000 page views per month, you're sure to get the exposure you need to get your product or service in front of the people who should be your customers.

Please Note: Re-Find Health does not allow networks, resellers, or CPA/CPC pricing.

If Re-Find Health partners with a company, it's a company that we believe in, it's a company who's product and/or service we feel comfortable using ourselves and have no reservations recommending it to our members and viewers. We're very selective of who we work with and we won't say yes to everyone, but if you're someone who's in it for the right reasons, we would like to hear from you.

- Contributing Authors-

The majority of the Re-Find Health contributing authors are made up of our Featured Members. The non-member contributing authors you see are a mix of Re-Find Health Partners and other special guests (guest posts are by invitation only). If you are a practitioner or a healthcare professional that falls under one of the professions listed below, apply for membership on Re-Find Health to potentially have your content shared on the Re-Find Health blog. Please note: Re-Find Health reserves the right to reject any content. Member submitted recipes, giveaways, affiliate schemes, or promotion only posts will not be published.

- Professions We Work With-




Doctor of Osteopathy


Functional Medicine Practitioner

Health Coach


Medical Doctor

Naturopathic Doctor

Nurse Practitioner

Nutritional Therapist

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)



Personal Trainer


Physical Therapist

Physician's Assistant


Registered Dietician

Registered Nurse

Social Worker

If your profession is not listed above, contact Re-Find Health.