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We all talk a good game about how to eat, what to eat, and the importance of preparing our own food from quality ingredients. The truth is that everyone faces the same dilemmas from time to time. Whether it's travel, working late, business lunches, social outings, or simply not being interested in cooking, there are many reasons that eating that home cooked meal may not always be possible.

I've decided to pose a series of questions to our members on a weekly basis on what gets them through these situations. You might be surprised at some of the answers and others might be exactly what you expected — either way, I'm hopeful that this will help you navigate your way through the myriad of awkward, inconvenient, or simply lazy situations you find yourself in.

This week's interview:

David Jockers from Atlanta, GA

David Jockers

David Jockers

Kennesaw, GA

CA: Do you put much thought into where you eat out? Or do you simply go anywhere and try to make do with what's on the menu?

DJ: I put a lot of thought into where I eat. I always do a google search or ask for referrals for restaurants that serve organic, free range meats. I also want a restaurant that has ample sources of good fats to choose from such as real olive oil, avocado or guacamole.

Many restaurants serve a mix of corn or canola oil with olive oil and call it olive oil, so I am sure to ask ahead of time. I will also bring my own salt (Himayalan and/or herb mix), grass-fed butter or ghee if I am traveling to the restaurant to use to get the right fats.

I avoid all grains and most starches and just stick with lots of veggies and healthy meats. If I happen to be at a chain restaurant, I will look for things like lamb or duck which are typically cleaner.

If I cannot get a clean meat, I will go with a lean meat such as chicken breast with veggies and put my ghee on everything so I get the good fats that provide satiety (otherwise I will be starving a few hours later) without getting the toxins that are stored in the fatty portions of the meat.

CA: Most memorable restaurant meal in (or near) Atlanta?

DJ: Ted's Montana Grill: Naked Bison with guacamole on top and side of steamed broccoli, kale salad and asparagus.

Image of Naked Bison Burger by Kenny M. (Yelp)

CA: Most memorable restaurant meal outside of Atlanta?

DJ: Can't seem to remember off of the top of my head! I actually prefer eating at friend's homes when traveling out of town if possible!

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CA: For people with special diets, how do you suggest they talk with restaurant staff in order to get what they need?

DJ: When you go out to eat it is okay to ask the waiter the questions you need to know. You may want to make sure the food you are eating is organic, GMO-free, gluten-free and/or dairy-free. You can tell the waiter or restaurant manager that you may have a real dangerous reaction if you come into contact with a certain food item.{/lead)

That will immediately get their attention and they will be sure to cater to your needs. It is always advisable to know exactly what you are eating. So ask questions, avoid things like sauces, soups and dressings that are typically not made from scratch.{/lead)

These things are usually processed mixtures with multiple toxic ingredients such as industrial seed oils, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. The server may not know or understand this so don’t make it too complicated on them. It is best to go with clean organic meat if available, good fat sources like avocado slices or guacamole, olive oil and lots of fresh vegetables.{/lead)

You can always ask for extra veggies or extra avocado, etc. so you will be satisfied after the meal. Be sure to let the server know you are going to tip really good and they will come through for you. Of course, you need to step-up and follow through with your end of the bargain and take care of the server.

CA: Do you prepare an emergency meal when you travel? If so, what do you include?

DJ: I always bring collagen bars, Keto Bars or sprouted nuts with me to get good fat and protein in case I am going to miss a meal. This is key on my intense workout days. On days, where I don't train intensely, I am OK with skipping a whole day of meals if I cannot find anything healthy. But I am sure to get lots of water as I don't fast well if I am dehydrated!

CA: Your favorite quick meal to prepare at home?

DJ: Chocolate protein pudding with avocado, grass-fed raw milk, chocolate bone broth protein powder, coconut oil and brain octane!

CA: Do you consume alcohol? Explain why you think it is or isn’t a good idea.

DJ: I do consume alcohol but very very rarely. I do it in social setting, probably 5-6 times per year. I think small amounts of alcohol for an individual that is proactive about their health and isn't dealing with a chronic illness is just fine. If you are not being proactive about your health or are dealing with a chronic illness than it is best to abstain from alcohol.

CA: In terms of food, what is your guilty pleasure?

DJ: Chocolate!

I love chocolate recipes and have tons on DrJockers.com

My wife makes incredible chocolate bars and chocolate coconut ice cream! These are completely sugar-free as we use stevia or monk fruit!

But I notice if I am consuming chocolate everyday, I develop a sensitivity. I try to keep it to 3-4 servings per week max of the highest quality raw cacao or non-processed dark chocolate!

More About David Jockers

David JockersDavid Jockers is a natural health doctor, functional nutritionist, corrective care chiropractor, exercise physiologist and certified strength & conditioning specialist. He currently owns and operates Exodus Health Center in Kennesaw, Georgia.

He is also the author of the best-selling book “SuperCharge Your Brain” the complete guide to radically improve your mood, memory and mindset and the SuperCharged Recipe book with over 180 full-color recipes to help you take back control of your health.

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