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July 9, 2017 250 minutes $120.00

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Title: Chris Kresser Live in London
Speaker: Chris Kresser
Duration: TBD - Approximately 250 minutes

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In this full-day seminar geared toward healthcare professionals and students, Chris will discuss a variety of topics including:

  • New trends that will define the future of medicine
  • The crucial role of the exposome in human health and disease
  • A comprehensive systems model of functional medicine
  • How to structure and layer a treatment for maximum efficacy
  • How to customize nutrition plans for individual needs

Like the public discussion and Q&A, this event will be highly interactive; a large portion of the day will be dedicated to answering attendee questions, and even the topics Chris covers will be determined by audience interests. This ensures that the content of the seminar is timely and relevant for all attendees. Note: although this full-day seminar is geared toward healthcare professionals and students, all who wish to attend are welcome.

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