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What is Doc Parsley's Sleep Remedy?

Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy is a drug-free combination of the constituent ingredients required for the normal cascades of neurophysiologic changes associated with the brain’s preparation for sleep. Dr. Parsley created the formulation while working with the Navy SEALs, as he suspected that their reliance upon sleep drugs was likely interfering with their performance, mood, and disease risk. While doing routine labs, and working closely with hundreds of SEALs he was able to estimate the most effective amount of each ingredient — both through patient feedback and lab values. In fact, Dr. Parsley was 100% successful in getting his clients off of sleep drugs (prescription or OTC) — if that was their goal.

Why We Like Doc Parsley's Sleep Remedy

We are always interested in modifying life-style (Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress control, Mindset) as the primary tool for optimizing health. We are strong proponents of recreating our evolutionarily optimal physiology by using tools that have been around for millennia, with pharmaceuticals being a last resort. Most of our readers prefer to use nutritional supplements — when appropriate — over pharmaceuticals. Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy is often reported (by our readers) to work better than prescription or OTC sleep drugs, and since it is comprised of ingredients that are familiar to our bodies and brains, it is our preferred solution to one of the biggest problems in Western Civilizations.

Order Doc Parsley's Sleep Remedy

You can try Doc Parsley’s Sleep Remedy below. Don’t worry, he offers a 100% money back guarantee. You can save 10% and avoid inventory shortages by ordering on a subscription (adjustable frequency). Doc Parsley also allows online affiliates to receive a commission for recommending the product. For gym-owners, health coaches, supplement stores and other health care providers he also offers a wholesale program where the professional can buy the supplement — by the case — for a substantial discount, and generate revenue while helping your clientele and patients.

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More About Kirk Parsley

Kirk ParsleyDr. Kirk Parsley's philosophy for wellness is simple; in order to optimize our health and get the most out of our bodies and minds, we must live more closely to the way we evolved as a species. He believes that many diseases and disorders that we accept as “inevitable” in modern society are unnecessary complications of poor sleeping habits, living in a toxic environment, eating foods we were not designed to digest, and allowing stress to overwhelm us. His passion is to help his patients and clients achieve the highest quality of life possible, and realize their health, performance, and longevity goals.


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