Health Icons Lecture Series: Chris Kresser, L.Ac.

Oct. 31, 2015 London, UK

Chris Kresser will be in London giving two talks in two days. One for guiding the general public through the differences of a Paleo diet vs. a Paleo template and one to The Adapt Method, a systems model of functional medicine, ancestral nutrition, and lifestyle. Both days will be as fun as they are informative and will be Chris's only days in London in the foreseeable future.

Day One:

Day One: Let's Take Back Your Health

Chris will discuss topics from his book and answer your burning questions about Paleo nutrition and lifestyle and functional medicine. Rather than present a fixed agenda, Chris prefers to let the interests and questions of the participants guide the seminar. Whether you’re new to Paleo or you’re a Paleo veteran or long-time follower of Chris, this format ensures that everyone will come away with practical and actionable information.

  • Paleo diet vs. the Paleo template
  • How to tailor your diet to meet your goals – weight loss, muscle gain, performance, digestive and autoimmune issues, etc.
  • How to determine if you have a problem and how to fix it (elimination diets, supplements, labwork, etc.)
  • What to do when Paleo isn’t enough

In addition to the information above, Chris will lead movement and stress management/meditation periods throughout the day to facilitate learning and send you home with new tools for improving your health.

Day Two:

The Adapt Method

Chris will introduce the ADAPT framework, a systems model of functional medicine, ancestral nutrition, and lifestyle for clinicians and health care practitioners.

  • New trends that will define the future of medicine
  • The crucial role of the exposome in human health and disease
  • A comprehensive systems model of functional medicine
  • How to structure and layer a treatment for maximum efficacy
  • How to customize nutrition plans for individual needs

More About Chris Kresser

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac , is a practitioner of integrative and functional medicine, the creator of one of the world’s most respected natural health sites,, and author of the New York Times best seller, Your Personal Paleo Code (published as The Paleo Cure in paperback). Widely known for his in-depth research uncovering myths and misconceptions in modern medicine and providing natural health solutions with proven results, his work is frequently cited in national publications such asTime and The Atlantic, on NPR and on Dr. Oz and Fox & Friends, where he has appeared as a guest. He developed The Paleo Cure based on over ten years of research, his own recovery from a debilitating, decade-long illness, and his clinical work with patients. Chris maintains a private practice in Berkeley, California, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

The Venue

King's College - Denmark Hill
Time: 10:00am to 4:00pm
With a one-hour break for lunch
(lunch is not provided)