Dr. Kirk Parsley: The Five Pillars of Health
On-Demand Video (Pre-Order)

Oct. 14, 2017 250 minutes $120.00

Dr. Kirk Parsley: The Five Pillars of Health <br />On-Demand Video (Pre-Order)

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Title: The Five Pillars of Health
Speaker: Dr. Kirk Parsley
Duration: TBD - Approximately 250 minutes

Video will be available approximately two weeks after the event

In this lecture Dr. Parsley will share with you the framework he uses to assess the performance. Whether you are looking to optimize your own performance or your clients/customers/patients, Kirk will give you a solid framework and pearls of wisdom — from his professional practices and his own personal experience — and journey towards optimizing his own performance. You will leave this lecture with a fresh new perspective on how to approach health (your own or your clients), as well as many actionable steps and resources to continue your journey towards living the most robust, healthy, and joy-filled life possible.

1. Sleep

Basic Science

Performance effects

Steps for Improvement

2. Nutrition

Outline of the debate on nutritional philosophy

What we ACTUALLY know

Easy steps to test and build a perfect nutrition plan

3. Exercise

Fitness vs. Activity vs. Performance

Why most people are over exercising

Simple metrics to get your volume on track

4. Stress

What is good stress vs. bad stress

The toll of excess stress

Mindfulness, meditation, practices and gadgets to optimize your stress resiliency and levels.

5. Mindset

What is mind-set

How do you know what your mindset is

How do you optimize the right mindset for the right person

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