Gary Taubes Live in London
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March 18, 2018 250 minutes $120.00

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Title: Gary Taubes Live in London
Speaker: Gary Taubes
Duration: TBD - Approximately 250 minutes

Estimated Delivery Date: 1 December 2017

In this full-day seminar geared toward the general public, Gary will address and answer questions on the following topics:

  • Critically assessing the evidence: observational epidemiology, randomized-controlled trials and meta-analyses
  • The unique challenges of preventive medicine
  • Obesity and diabetes cause and treatment, a historical perspective
  • Why knowing the history of medicine is critically important to evaluating evidence
  • Risk factors for CHD: from total cholesterol to LDL to LDL sub-fractions, particle number and -
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Animal product-rich diets vs. Mostly Plants and the Mediterranean Diet
  • SFAs vs PUFAs: critically assessing the evidence
  • Nutrition and personalized medicine: is there one “healthy” diet for everyone?
  • What do we know and what’s speculation?
  • Audience guided Q&A (with special guests)

Note: Although this full-day seminar is geared toward healthcare professionals and students, all who wish to attend are welcome.

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